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We make "Gifts" for heads of state , dignitaries ,Celebrities...

Kings and queens , counts and countesses , rulers of states , countries have immortalized themselves by commissioning their greatest artists or painters to paint their portrait or their great event or occasions but rarely these great holders of power , wealth and titles have succeed to do so on carpets due to the lack of artisans . But in recent years TABRIZ(Capital of Azerbaijan in IRAN) weaving society who are specialized and are world famous for hand-woven portrait carpets, have seen increasing demand for customized and self portrait carpets since it has been publicized mostly by Iranian government officials gifting the heads of state and world dignitaries with their portrait on carpets which have been masterpieces made by our masters.

Therefore we at "Azar Arts" with 50 years of experience and a strong team of 120 best carpet masters, have decided to bring this beautiful art form -which has been denied to the kings and queens of the past- to your doorstep , so you can enjoy watching , touching ,.and immortalizing yourself or loved one or both at the same time.